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Sushi and Asian cuisine.


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Andie Robin

Top Reviewer
So delicious! I can't wait to try more from them. The avocado salad with mango was very refreshing and came with two different dressings. The avocado, mango, & tomatoes were extremely ripe and fresh. Flavors were unique and perfectly balanced in the smaller cup of dressing. I ordered a special that came with chicken and tempura shrimp. I wasn't crazy about the honey chicken, as it tasted like run of the mill Chinese takeout, but the shrimp tempura was crispy and delicious and the honey walnuts were so tasty. There was an option to upgrade to fried rice for $2 and the porion was large. I can't wait to try the sushi during my next order! Delivery was faster than predicted. I will definitely be back for more!


Top Reviewer
I left a nice review on Yelp already, but here goes again! Food was delicious, very flavorful, order came EARLY, everything tasted fresh, AND the delivery guy was soooo nice! I feel that many delivery guys are rude and this one was so polite. The sushi I ordered was great and the Pad Thai was better than any I've had from any of the local Thai food places. Highly recommend, ten out ten stars for a good sushi place


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Placed an order for pick up. BEST Sushi I have ever had. Period. Fresh food, huge portions, amazing taste, classy atmosphere, friendly staff and overall perfection. So happy to have a place like this in the neighborhood!


Top Reviewer
Delivery is always fast and before the estimate. Food is always hot for the cooked items, and cold for the sushi. Their food is absolutely delicious. Addicted to their tuna poke salad!


Top Reviewer
I order form them first time, the sushi is more delicious then the other Japanese restaurant round these areas , but I hope not only for grand opening...I will definitely order again.

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1 review
I'd give them ten stars if I could. I think giving credits to good businesses is the best thing a foodie could do. I ordered from Seamless.
Service:They called to apologize for being 20 mins late because of the Sunday street fair blocking the road and they were very nice on the phone. When I got my delivery, they delivery guy is the nicest in the neighborhood. He didn't ask for more tips and he was smiling which is very rare among all the restaurants in this neighborhood.
Food: I ordered 3 rolls for 10.50 which is a good price to start with. All the rolls were delicious and fresh. The Spicy Tuna has a crazy amount of fish in it so it's safe to say it is very satisfying to eat when it melts in your mouth. The salmon roll is fresh and the eel avocado is crazy good!
I have had Sushi from other places around here but none is half as satisfying as this place. I would definitely order from them again and I hope they could always keep up the good work!


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Sakana has become one of our regular dinner options. We order or go eat there at least once a week. Everything is always fresh and delicious. We were concern that the crab Rangoon wouldnt be as good when delivered but, it was still delicious. We also got some sushi pieces which were excellent. Their fish doesnt have that fishy smell to it and the portion was generous. The hibachi had great seasoning and taste to it. The fried rice is definitely a great pairing. So happy we have a great sushi place with quick delivery service!


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Fast service and great selection of food. It was my first time ordering and I got the rainbow poke, curry hot pot, pad thai, pineapple fried rice, and an NFL roll. I would order the curry, pad thai, and fried rice again. I thought the poke and roll were good, but would opt for regular sushi and sashimi next time. The poke had a nice, sweet sauce, but I found it overwhelming after a while. I also like eating wasabi with my sushi. The NFL roll is good if you like cooked fish.


Top Reviewer
The food is slamming and they have always been on time! Always, but today's delivery man was a little rude. He kind of was passively aggressive about what he thought I should be tipping him. I think 15% is plenty for a delivery. It wasn't pouring rain and it's not snowing and I literally live within a 10 minute walk from the restaurant. He was gesturing that it wasn't enough. It was rude. But the food was great!


1 review
Folks do yourselves a favor and don't even bother wasting time looking at other Japanese places in the neighborhood because this is "THE" place. The best sushi I have ever had. Their noodle and rice dishes are to die for. And the best part? Their customer service is the best. If you haven't dined there yet I highly recommend it.

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